January 9, 2016

Your Passport to Fitness is ready

What a trip! Tour a variety of Chehalem Park and Recreation District fitness classes for free during the month of January enter to win prizes with the Passport to Fitness. There is no cost and no obligation. CPRD wants to give you the chance to experience the fun fitness activities that park and recreation offers for your new year and new you.

CPRD has scheduled a “tour” of free fitness classes throughout the month of January, including Water Exercise (all varieties - deep water, co-ed and gentle/senior versions), Boxing for Fitness, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Hatha Yoga, two different Tai Chi classes, Strong for Life, and Walk for Fun.

There is no minimum number of classes you must take in order to participate, only to become eligible to win prizes. Pick up your passport today at the registration desk at Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center. This holds your itinerary of classes to try. Take it with you for the instructor to initial. If you complete at least four classes, you may turn in your passport to the registration desk. The first 100 people to do so will receive a prize. All will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize - a full one-year family membership to the fitness center!

Zumba and Aqua Zumba instructor Jennie Delp says fitness is good not only for the body, but also the soul. Once people start moving, they are usually surprised to find how quickly they begin to feel the difference.

“Come and have a good time and de-stress, and the work out will be a side benefit,” says Zumba and Aqua Zumba instructor Jennie Delp.

“It’s easier to keep moving than to stop and start moving again later,” says Karen Maas, part of the fitness center team at Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center. “Staying active and staying healthy will make it a lot easier to mature further and further. Your mental and spiritual aspects will be healthier if your body is healthier. It’s a healthy philosophy to keep active, to eat right, and we have ways to keep active here.”

Chehalem Park and Recreation District is committed to enhancing fitness and wellness in our community. The turning of a new year marks a time for resolution and recreation, park and rec style.

CPRD offers an ever-evolving array of activities and services for health, fitness and wellness. Activities throughout the year include various sports, plus Zumba, yoga, boxing for fitness, horseback riding, ice skating, gymnastics, and more. At Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center, take advantage of the pool, hot tub, sauna, plus exercise equipment, personal training and massage therapy. On a related note of wellness offerings, people of any age can take advantage of deeply discounted massage, acupuncture, and foot clinics at Chehalem Senior Center. CPRD also offers CPR, First Aid and AED certification classes each month. To learn more, visit cprdnewberg.org.

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