August 23, 2014

Measure 36-170: Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center renovation will be on November ballot

Measure 36-170

The CPRD Board of Directors has voted to put a $19.9 million bond measure on the November 2014 ballot for the renovation of Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center. 

This effort is being led by Chehalem Pool Committee, a volunteer group of interested citizens. The facility, built in 1970, is in need of basic infrastructure updates. The group has plans to expand it to include modern features and amenities. Details will be coming. The CPC is glad to speak to your group and share information. Visit their website at

If approved, this measure would fund the redevelopment of CPRD's 44-year-old community swimming pool facility. Specifically, the bond is expected to fund:

  • Replacing out-of-date machinery to improve energy efficiency;
  • Replacing structurally deficient cement and rebar infrastructure;
  • Redeveloping pool facility to meet current demand and reduce overcrowding;
  • Improved pool design to provide better safety for students and seniors;
  • Construction of additional space for regional school swim meets;
  • REnovations for ADA compliance;
  • Demolition of existing out-of-date structures and renovation and improvement of fitness section and acquisition of new equipment;
  • Parking and sire improvements and furnishings and equipment related to the pool redevelopment; 
  • Citizen oversight would be required.

Bonds mature in 21 years or less from issuance and can be in more than one series. The average annual tax rate for bonds is estimated to be approximately $.45 per $1,000 of assessed property value or $45.00 annually for a home with an assessed value of $100,000. Results may differ based on actual interest rates incurred and growth in assessed value.

See article in July 30th edition of Newberg Graphic, "Pool effort will go to the ballot."

August 22, 2014

Updates on Bob & Crystal Rilee Park on Parrett Mt.

The address is 10500 Parrett Mt. Road in Newberg. For directions, click here

June 2014 - RFQ for Master Plan

At its regular Board meeting on June 26, 2014, the CPRD Board of Directors authorized the superintendent to submit an RFQ (Request for Quotation) for a developmental and operational master plan for Bob and Crystal Rilee Park, and also a master plan for Ewing Young Park. 

The equestrian trails are open for use now. To get there from 99W, go south on Haugen Road, then right on Parrett Mt. Road. The parking lot is in a wooded area. This is the only access point that is open for the trail. Hours are 7 a.m. to dusk.

New recreation classes and Camp CARE are already holding activities on the property. Check out the Trailblazing class

Feb. 10, 2014 - CPRD property purchase complete

Bob and Crystal Rilee Park has moved closer to opening to the public.

Chehalem Park and Recreation District’s purchase of Parrett Mountain Farm from the Crystal Dawn Smith Rilee Foundation was completed on Jan. 29, 2014.

This transaction is part of the Crystal Dawn Smith Rilee Foundation’s larger property donation to CPRD valued at more than $6 million.

The foundation donated over $6 million worth of land to CPRD in exchange for a $280,000 purchase price for the 327 acres of property on Parrett Mountain. The relatively low price was figured to cover the foundation's attorney bills and remaining debt engendered by the embezzlement case involving the foundation’s former executive director Liz Rhode.  

“This decision to give the land to CPRD was made by the foundation as a positive answer to the best future interests of the community, following the wishes of Crystal Rillee to benefit people and allow them to enjoy the land she'd acquired,” said Mary Dugan, vice president of the foundation. “Crystal wanted people to enjoy the land and the beauty of nature there and was adamantly against any future residential or business development on the property, so she would be very pleased to have it become a park.” 

With this acquisition and the addition of the new Bob and Crystal Rilee Park, the number of parks in Chehalem Park and Recreation District will become 23.

“This generous donation from the foundation will become a valuable legacy for our community,” said CPRD Public Information Coordinator Kat Ricker. “Not only will the equestrian community return to the trails it has previously enjoyed, but the public is sure to be impressed with the opportunities our Board and staff are already planning for this spectacular property.”

Bob and Crystal Rilee Park will be a scenic nature park with trails, including equestrian trails. These trails will be part of Chehalem Heritage Trails. The new park could be open as early as July.

Some of the property will continue to be leased for farming, and discussion is underway for a  potential historical museum piece to preserve the history of Parrett Mountain and the farming heritage of the land. The property also contains potential rental facilities for special events such as weddings and business retreats.

The CPRD Board of Directors approved the lease-purchase Oct. 24, 2013. 

August 21, 2014

Boxing for Fitness

Registration is open for Sept., Oct., and Nov. classes.
Register for one month at a time, more than one in advance, or save 10% with our special to register for all three - and get a free t-shirt! 

Three ways to register
  1. Go to our online registration page and search for "boxing." 
  2.  In person at Chehalem Aquatic & Fitness Center
  3. Call 503.537.2909

Boxing for Fitness is a co-ed program offered every month for youth and adults, age 10 years and up. These are not contact classes. Gloves are provided and available for purchase. If you have your own gloves, please bring them. 

Both beginner and intermediate classes are limited to ten students, so register now, because those spots go quickly!


6 - 6:45 p.m. Tuesdays

CPRD Rec Offices
Crabtree Room
125 S. Elliott Road

Wanna hit something? Burn calories, build strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, and punch away the pounds in this efficient work out class. Learn the fundamentals of basic punches and footwork, train for results you'll feel. Your power and intensity await. All body types and fitness levels encouraged. A TOTAL BODY WORK OUT!


7 - 7:45 p.m. Tuesdays

CPRD Rec Offices
Crabtree Room
125 S. Elliott Road

Wanna hit some more? Increase your strength, power, speed, and cariovascular fitness, while developing your boxing skills.
This class is for those who have mastered the basics of boxing stance, footwork, and four punches - jab, cross, uppercut, and hook. Progress with combinations, incorporate ducking and slipping. Increased emphasis on mittwork with coach as well as conditioning drills.
Students who wish to enroll in this class must have completed a minimum of one general/beginner Boxing for Fitness class and have instructor approval. 
Handwraps are mandatory; students must bring their own. 



10 - 11 a.m. Oct. 4

Find out what we do in Boxing for Fitness classes at this special event. Get a 60-minute work out, learn a bit about throwing a punch properly, or just hang out with friends, check out the space, and have some refreshments. This is a small boxing fitness program that packs a BIG punch! Bring the little ones; there is a seating area. 

Cost: $5
You must register in advance.  


August 10, 2014

Pickleball Open House

Pickleball Open House!

Come join us for the fun of this popular game. Paddles and ball will be provided; just show up.

  • All Ages
  • 9 a.m. to Noon
  • Saturday, August 23
  • Jaquith Park tennis courts
  • instructor Tim Gardner

August 4, 2014

Splashpad Opening Date Set for Sat., Aug. 16

Mortenson Construction announces

Splashpad Opening Ceremony and the opening of splashpad itself
10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 16th 
at Rotary Centennial Park
This will be a small ceremony, open to the public, 
followed by official opening of the splashpad to play.

July 28, 2014

2104 CPRD Old Fashioned Festival 5K Results

Congratulations to all who ran in the 2014 5K! Here are the results.

Most Inspirational Runner - Krista Handy


0 - 10
1st Evan Hawley 26.45.00

11 - 13
1st Dylan Wolff  23.27.12
2nd Owen Hawley  26.41.50
3rd  Ryan Hawley  27.25.15

14 - 19
1st  Harrison Carsch  20.11.18
2nd  Clinton Carsch 20.17.84
3rd  Elijah Gonzalez  21.07.09

20 - 24
1st  Joseph Pia  16.10.41
2nd  Paul Olson  24.37.06

25 - 29
1st Timothy Bradley  17.00.75
2nd jeremy Morris  18.43.00
3rd Miguel Mendez  20.09.75

30 - 34
1st Bill Hortsch  24.13.34
2nd Joel Stude  27.02.12

34 - 39 

40 - 44
1st Mike Frost  24.40.37
2nd Chris Ritter  25.25.47
3rd  Lance Tranthurn 29.16.31

45 - 49
1st Brad Holbrook  20.28.03
2nd  Chad Erb  23.57.81
3rd  Rick Schlachter  29.29.28

50 - 54
1st Steven Beach  21.59.91
2nd Dave Albin  29.20.31
3rd Steve Comfort  26.13.09

60 - 64

65 - 69
1st Ed McCabe  25.28.72


11 - 13
1st Arianne Kern  33.35.50

14 - 19
1st Savannah Stanton  23.08.88
2nd Katie Reohr  23.20.91
3rd Bethany Quist  28.01.09

20 - 24
1st Allison Walter  24.28.40
2nd Madelene Kern 25.19.78
3rd Ana Goldys  27.10.38

25 - 29
1st Megan Morris  25.38.06
2nd Lauren Bennett 26.27.28

30 - 34
1st Megan Morris  25.38.06
2nd Lauren Bennett 26.27.28

30 - 34
1st Christine McNeal  23.30.12
2nd Cassandra Meadows  30.54.84
3rd  Mindy Dorman 32.11.03

34 - 39
1st Natasha Edinger  27.47.59
2nd Jarae Opitz  23.09.59
3rd Kim Perlot  25.13.25

40 - 44
1st  Dawn Smith  21.03.72
2nd  Michelle Hawley  27.26.43
3rd Jimi Doan 30.54.12

45 - 49
1st  Robin Hergert  24.17.52
2nd Ildee Darby 28.07.81
3rd Lupe Martinez  34.28.78

50 - 54

55 - 59
1st Karen Maas  31.32.75
2nd Tammy Cookingham 41.23.53