October 27, 2014

Introducing Rachelle Meyer - Dance, Piano, Creative Writing, Light Sabers

Classes starting in November

Classes starting in December
  • Fanfic Creative Writing Club  (Ages 10 - 18)
  • Piano and dance (Ages 4 - 7)
  • Teen/Adult Jazz Dance

Rachelle Meyer has been an artist and educator in the area for nearly 20 years. She began training in dance, including tap, Jazz and ballet at the age of four, and since then has added modern hip hop, ballroom and music to her repertoire. Her instructors include Lynne Marchant at the Marchant Academy of Classical Ballet as well as with several principles of the Bolshoi and Theaters of Russia and James Miller of the Houston Ballet.

 Rachelle is also a published author, and her books can be found under the pseudonym Rosie D. Meyer on Amazon.com. She writes Young Adult dystopian fantasy and historical fiction and received her training in creative writing and English Literature at PCC, CCC and through her writing mentors CraigLesly and Randall Beth Platt. PCC and CCC respectively are also where Rachelle studied photography, photojournalism, music theory and piano.

"My philosophy as an instructor is to provide each student with the skills needed to pursue a career in the arts, whether or not they chose to do so. My classes are taught with colors, movement, laughter and fun that not only instills a passion for the arts but is designed to engage both sides of the brain, thus increasing cognitive response and memory. Students will learn but believe they are playing."

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