April 26, 2012

Schaad Park Update

Thanks to all of you who came out to the April 25th meeting to help plan development of Schaad Park, which is located off Eagle Street in The Greens near Chehalem Glenn Golf Course. We are tallying your votes for playground equipment.

Thanks in large part to private donations and an Oregon State Parks grant, CPRD anticipates moving forward with Phase 1 by late summer/early fall. This will include ADA concrete walk plus asphalt and woodchip paths, a basketball half-court, a stone wall, a bench at a scenic overlook (The view from this park is amazing!), picnic tables and benches, play area, plus boulders and landscaping in cooperation with Newberg High School which will emphasize native–including wild roses–and drought-resistant plants. The site already features Oregon White Oaks and Native Oak Savannah.

For questions on the park, contact Jim McMaster at 503.209.2222.

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CPRD Board of Directors Resolution accepting property and funds from the Walter Robert Schaad estate and the Deed

To review the Personal Representative's Final Account and Petition for Judgment of Final Distribution, affidavit and Notice of Time for Filing Objections to Final Account, please contact Don Clements at 503.537.4165 to schedule an appointment at the CPRD Administration Office at 125 S. Elliott Road in Newberg.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting the actual document that states the written terms of what was promised to the estate of Mr. Shaad. This will be an amazing park! But it must be developed or the park goes back to the Heirs to the estate. These terms proves was promised and in fact the Park as designed and funded meets the agreement. It is sad that the meeting was held up at all. There are ove 200 children that will benefit from this park. Thanks to Mr. Shaad. His memory is being honored and the neighborhood park is wonderful.