November 28, 2011

Free Intro to Canine Scent-tracking Class

K9 Scent Work is a fun, new activity to do with your dog. This class teaches you how to develop your dog’s natural sense of smell and desire to hunt, using food as rewards. It’s fun, builds self-confidence and burns lots of mental and physical energy.

What do dogs learn in K9 Scent Work?

* A desire to search for something you want them to find.
* A willingness to search for it when you want them to.
* An ability to communicate to you that they have found it.

Come out and try your dog's nose at K9 Scent Work at a FREE Introductory class on Monday, November 28 at 7:30 pm or Monday, December 5 at 6 pm. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for this FREE class Call Susie Waki 503.702.7661 to reserve your spot


* Reservation for the free class are required. Call Susie Waki at 503.702.7661 or email
* Only one dog works at time, so your dog must be safe and comfortable staying in your car between searches
* Bring lots of soft, tasty, bite size treats for your dog
* Bring a 6 foot leash
* A harness works best (not prong or pinch collars)

"Properly trained, man can be dog's best friend"

About the instructor
Susie Waki, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-KA #2102473
Canine Life and Social Skills Evaluator #E750153
AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator #51179
TAGteach Primary Certification
Licensed "Be a Tree" Presenter
Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers #76263

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